The ARROW study


A national, collaborative, prospective audit to quantify the variation in practice and inform future studies with regards to anti-reflux operations.

COVID-19 Update

All elective operations have been cancelled for at least 3 months to increase capacity to manage COVID-19 patients. Therefore, we are postponing the start of the patient survey until further notice. The ARROW surgeon's survey is open now. 


This national, collaborative, prospective audit will quantify the variation in anti-reflux practice and inform future studies. 

Anti-reflux surgery and workup practises vary across the UK and there is no level 1 evidence to support one type of fundoplication over others, despite increasingly novel techniques being developed. 

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Click here to see which trusts have already joined ARROW

As of 12/02/2020 
72 trusts have joined ARROW


To join our collaborative and gain access to our audit tool please follow the link and leave your contact details. 

ARROW Study Updates

Core Outcome set in Anti-refLux InTerventIONs : The COALITION Study

A trainee collaborative mixed methods study to define a Core Outcome Set for use in future anti-reflux intervention studies. 

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